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curio cabinet?

WE looked for a curio cabinet, a corner one. Found a nice one but just a little to small I think. Might get it anyway, if I don't find one a little larger. So many are so much to big. Then we went to Bi-Mart and got some coffee, it's just $5.98 there most of the time. Also picked up some canned goods, their prices are a little better than allot of other stores. They have lots of flowers out too. Some roses, lots of Prim Roses, so pretty.
We might go on the hunt again tomorrow. There are places we didn't have time to go to see about curio cabinets. Also went out to Sunnyside to get a new mask for my CPAP. Wow they are expensive, $35.60. I think I will head for bed soon. Later, June
june kitchen

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A BIG THANK YOU to Marilyn for funding the event, as always, you are very generous, and a sweet gal for sure. And Charlie thinks of all the fun things, and it was a fun night out. Margaritas were on sale, so that tells you something, huh? Just kidding, only one drink. It is just good to have some time to spend together celebrating Jim's birthday and laughing and having a fun time together.

We also had birthday cake at church for Jim, and they sang happy birthday to him twice.

Jim's son Ed and family also came down from Astoria on Sat. They came with Jim's grand daughter and his two great grand kids. They are so cute a girl Bailey, and a boy Eddie, with Mom Lora,(grand daughter)and Grandma Pam,Eds wife. They took us out to dinner and when we came home they had birthday cake for Jim and had a flower boutique and a box of chocolates for me for Valentine Day.

So Jim's 85th birthday will be one he will remember for sure. Thanks to everyone who sent him cards and called.
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My Day

A beautiful Feb. 1,2013. The sun is about to go down, but it was 53 degrees in my town today.
Charlie needed a ride down town today, I was washing my hair so my sweet husband, Jim took her down. She had a lot of work to do at Rose Festival. Well we at least had some time yesterday to visit.

I'm going to see about dinner now-I think some left overs for tonight. Have some BBQ ribs left over from yesterday, so can warm those up. Jim did the ribs outside in BBQ, it wasn't as nice as today has been. But we BBQ rain or shine. That's about My Day.
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Charlie came over to help me fix my Outlook account, because Comcast wanted me to change settings. And I had some other questions, too.

Like I said in another entry, I couldn't keep going if it wasn't for my IT Gal-Charlie. I just love her.

Good Night Charlie
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Suzy the clown

Hey, Good for us. I hope I'm doing this right. Yes I did finish a story for our next writing circle meeting. I understand you will be gone for awhile. Hope you get to read all the "entries" and get back in time for the meeting. In the mean time win your cribbage game. See you on your return. It's late and I'm-------Yes I am.
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My first entry-Yay!

I did it. My dear friend Charlie got me going with LiveJournal just today. I'm loving it. So many things to do and places to go. I hope to meet a lot of people real soon. My husband just got me a new scanner, and installed it for me. He is a sweetheart.So this has been a busy day, especially for Charlie. If it wasn't for her I would still be on the old word processor.